Our Participants


  • Unemployed or underemployed women (a soft-heart for single moms)
  • Diverse economic, racial, age, and ethnic backgrounds to provide the broadest base of experiences
  • Women who want to change their circumstances and pay it forward by helping others

Coaches and Leaders:

  • Women that want to make a difference
  • Women that have been through similar experiences
  • Women with experience in the workforce that are problem solvers with practical solutions
  • Women with compassion for the challenges our clients are facing
MARILYN ROSE, Redondo Beach:
GSO came into my life and the perfect time.  Holly Richards , the founder is a gold mine and literally gave me the “shirt off her back”. She is kind, creative and a storehouse of resources. The program is clear, precise and motivating.  The caliber of coaches is stellar, not to mention the sparks that fly when gals starting over support each other.  This organization is relatively new; however, it’s scope will definitely impact many women and families in the South Bay in the years to come.  This program has breathed life into my fledgling business.  I plan on continuing to take the necessary action to bring my special skills to as many as people as possible.  Thank you GSO for putting together a template for guaranteed success.  God bless, Gals Starting Over.
JULIA, Santa Barbara:
I had been out of the technology industry for over 5 years, and decided that I wanted back in. Given how quickly technology changes in a short period of time, and the competitiveness of the job market, I seriously doubted my ability to get back into the field. This was compounded by the fact that I hadn’t been through an interview in many years and my feeling that my most recent job experience was not relevant to the position that I was looking for.
The tools and guidance provided by GSO, including interview preparation (SOAR), greatly helped me prepare for my interviews, and perhaps more importantly, helped me build the confidence to interview effectively. They also helped provide support throughout the process, from interview preparation to salary negotiations. I just finished my first day in my new position as a business systems analyst and am so grateful for the assistance. This program makes a difference.
KATHLEEN, Los Angeles:
My name is Kathleen and I had been out of work for three months yet it felt like three years. About a year ago I was unemployed for over six months. Being unemployed again filled me with frustration, fear and left me depressed. Kind and well-meaning friends would ask about my job search – and I would report back that I had sat for hours at my computer and sent out tons of resumes. I was exhausted – I felt like I was in a “House of Mirrors”. I was running through the motions without any positive results. Then I was invited to be a part of St. Andrew”s Jobs Ministry using the Gals Starting Over program. I will be eternally grateful for this turn of events. The training I received was thorough, comprehensive and most importantly savvy as to how people successfully gain employment in the current market. But for me the most amazing element was the Job Coach! Having someone to really hear my journey – my fears – and my dream and knowing that she was in my corner to encourage me was simply amazing. For the first time in three months I felt like I was going to be successful in finding employment. I am blessed and amazed that I found a job about two weeks after the completion of the course. I was hired as a Project Manager.
All I can say is Thank you to Holly and your team for developing this ministry and the Gals program and a big hug and endless thanks to my Job Coach Deanne! 
TIM, Los Angeles:
The first time I heard about Holly and her crew from Gals Starting Over I was invited to take part in a beta test of their program at St. Andrew”s Presbyterian Church. I must admit I was a little skeptical going in because first off I am not a gal, and second I am an artist and audio engineer, not someone looking for an ordinary corporate job, and I am very selective and don’t want to “just find any job”. I wasn’t sure if the skills they provided would help someone like me. I soon realized the program wasn’t simply about finding work, it was about changing the way I think about looking for work, and networking with contacts, most of which I had already made and not realized that they could be beneficial to placing me in a position I would accept. Their approach was simple, easy to understand and tailored to the specific needs of each individual. The staff was dedicated to helping me find work, not just any work but work that would challenge me. Within two months of working with Holly and learning how to change the way I apply for jobs, I am employed at a great production company and have an offer from an art school to begin teaching art next month.