When we undergo a major life transition, such as becoming a single mom, returning from military service, or recovering from a major life event, we must restart our careers and regain confidence in our ability to succeed in the world. As a community of women working together, we can rise to seize opportunities and share the journey to success.

Gals Starting Over was founded by a group of women that have been through major life transitions and have regained their footing on new career paths that are giving them a greater sense of security, purpose, and joy than what they have ever experienced before.

The nonprofit organization Gals Starting Over was officially formed in 2013 in the South Bay and holds meetings at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.  In 2017, GSO added a Long Beach branch and holds meetings at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church. Beginning in May of 2020, the workshop program is provided via Zoom in response to the pandemic. Over 160 women have attended the Career Success Workshop and there are over 50 volunteers and coaches that have participated.


GSO came into my life at the perfect time.... Holly Richards, the founder, is a gold mine and literally gave me the “shirt off her back”. She is kind, creative and a storehouse of resources. The program is clear, precise and motivating. The caliber of coaches is stellar, not to mention the sparks that fly when gals starting over support each other. This organization is relatively new; however, its scope will definitely impact many women and families in the South Bay in the years to come. This program has breathed life into my fledgling business. I plan on continuing to take the necessary action to bring my special skills to as many people as possible. Thank you GSO for putting together a template for guaranteed success. God bless, Gals Starting Over.

Marilyn RoseRedondo Beach

I’d love to thank you for directing me to the workshop today and accepting me to the workshop. I’ve learned a lot from it. The information is a lot more than I can find online. I really appreciated the existing of the organization and thank you so much for having this workshop.

I now know how to prepare for an interview. I feel more confident in using networking skills, like LinkedIn. I really feel more confident about my skills.

I feel more connected with others. I have a better understanding of my gifts.

I feel more confident and goal oriented. I was undecided about which route to take. This workshop helped me decide.

I discovered the importance of networking and transitional skills. Volunteer experience is also very important.

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