Gals Starting Over is a community and program specifically designed to help women restart their careers.  Together we help rekindle dreams, repackage talents, and help women to regain their footing in today’s modern workplace. We are not just about jobs, but about the supportive community that is required to restart a women’s career path to success.

Life is hard today. Economic and social pressures and stress weigh on all of us. Many are fortunate to have strong support systems of faith, family and friends. However, many carry burdens of supporting themselves and raising a family alone. Hardest hit by these challenges are unemployed women. At the time when they are most vulnerable from being a single mom, returning from military service, recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, struggling with domestic abuse, laid off, widowed or divorced, they are expected to polish their resume and hit the pavement to find work.
Gals Starting Over was founded by a group of women that have been through these personal challenges and have re-built their lives. The founders and the GSO board believe that women helping women to build their job search skills and develop their self-confidence is the most effective approach and that creating a positive, supportive community around these women is the most lasting key to their success.